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Wolverine Weapon X Files TP (USED)

Wolverine Weapon X Files TP (USED)

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Written by Jeff Christiansen, Ronald Byrd, Eric J. Moreels, Stuart Vandal, Michael Hoskin, Chad Anderson, Rich Green, Jeph York, Markus Ettlinger, Madison Carter, Mike Fichera, Paul Benjamin, Mark Robert Bourne, David Rios, Peter Sanderson and Jerald Devictoria. Cover By Frank Martin Jr.

Four Wolverine handbooks packed into one collection make this the definitive resource to the world of Wolverine! He may be in an acre of comics each month, but this is the only place to get the real score!

Featuring some of the Canucklehead's best allies - including Gambit, Maverick, Tyger Tiger and X-Force! And along for the ride are villains - the likes of Blob, Daken, Deadpool, Mastermind, Orphan Maker, Donald Pierce, the Purifiers, Sabretooth and S'ym. Everything you need to know about Hollywood's favorite mutant is here in one collection!
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