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The Savage Dragon TP 1993

The Savage Dragon TP 1993

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Author: Erik Larsen
Art: Erik Larsen
Published: 01/01/1993

Dive into the pulse-pounding world of Chicago, where a green-skinned, fire-resistant amnesiac named Dragon navigates the turbulent waters of heroism. With no memory of his past, he grapples with his incredible powers while facing down supervillains like Skullface and Hardware. Join him as he battles his way through burning warehouses, hostage situations, and city-wide brawls alongside heroes like the cyborg SuperPatriot and the enigmatic Star.

But the streets are a dark mirror, reflecting conspiracies, betrayals, and the chilling whispers of a shadowy mastermind pulling the strings. Witness Dragon's rise from amnesiac to a formidable force, forever grappling with the weight of his forgotten past and the burden of a city's salvation.

This is Chicago's underbelly, and Dragon is about to rewrite its script with every fiery punch and gravity-defying leap. Are you ready to step into the fray?
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