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The Marvels: The Hero I'm Meant to Be 09/26/23

The Marvels: The Hero I'm Meant to Be 09/26/23

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Author: Pamela Bobowicz

Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's most powerful, most inspiring heroes come together in a beautiful, exciting picture book that explores what it means to be a hero.
Carol Danvers's Captain Marvel has super-powers without equal. Monica Rambeau was a powerful woman with a powerful heritage even before she discovered her abilities. And Kamala Khan's Ms. Marvel is just beginning her Super Hero journey, following in the footsteps of her idols.

The three of them power the new film The Marvels and its epic adventure, and this picture book dives into who they are and what heroism means to them. And in the end, they show us how being a team is always stronger than standing alone. This heroic picture book packs a powerful message, befitting the super-powered women in this star-spanning story.
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