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Sinestro Vol 4 The Fall of Sinestro TP 2016

Sinestro Vol 4 The Fall of Sinestro TP 2016

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(W) Cullen Bunn, Frank J. Barbiere (A) Brad Walker & Various (CA) Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy

With the Green Lantern Corps in disarray, the Sinestro Corps is the primary force keeping order throughout the known universe! Now, the same Yellow Lanterns that once spread fear throughout the cosmos are tasked with saving all life from an even greater threat: the anti-emotion zealots called the Paling, who seek to eradicate all emotion in the universe—including fear—in service of their mysterious Pale Bishop.

To find out more about his enemies, Sinestro has brought his Corps to a planet teeming with fear in order to seek out one of the only beings in the universe he calls his friend…Black Adam of the planet Earth.

But while Sinestro finds the information he seeks on Earth, he also draws the Paling’s attention to the planet. Now humanity itself stands poised to become emotionless slaves of the Paling…and even heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman are powerless to stop it.

Only the Sinestro Corps can save Earth now. And if Earth’s heroes want to help, they’re going to have to embrace the ability to instill great fear…

Writer Cullen Bunn (GREEN LANTERN: THE LOST ARMY) and artist Brad Walker (ACTION COMICS) present the all-out battle for the fate of the Earth that could either be Sinestro’s finest hour…or his final hour! Collects SINESTRO #16-23.-23
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