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My Little Pony, Vol. 3: Cookies, Conundrums, and Crafts 2/06/24

My Little Pony, Vol. 3: Cookies, Conundrums, and Crafts 2/06/24

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Author: Casey Gilly, Robin Easter
Illustrated by: Abby Bulmer, Shauna Grant, Amy Mebberson
Scares, mysteries, and adventures await the Mane 5 in this collection of stories featuring the new generation of ponies!
Spooky! Scary! Ahh!!! are all words that can be used to describe the latest challenge going viral in Maretime Bay. Pipp, never one to shy away from a trend, persuades her friends to try it. But as the challenge gets creepier, an unexpected friend starts to come to life! Can the Mane 5 survive the fright of their lives? Then, have you heard? Hitch has his very own podcast! Maretime Bay’s cold cases are reopened by the sheriff himself. Mysteries, crimes, and disappearances will all be solved with Hitch on the case!

It’s the annual cook-off in Maretime Bay, and this year is the first time Pegasi and Unicorns can compete! The Mane 5 are excited to work together to make something great, but when the competition actually begins, they find they can’t agree on a dish. Then, Izzy’s babysitting her cousin Violette Rainbow, who often gets blamed when things go wrong, but is it really her fault?

Finally, Izzy decides to fix up an old treehouse next to her home and make it a cool hangout for the Mane 5, but she finds it’s more work than she can handle alone. Luckily, she has a group of friends willing and ready to help! The adventures continue in these stories following the magical events of the hit Netflix movie.

Collects issues #11–15 of the ongoing comic series by writers Casey Gilley, Robin Easter, Tee Franklin, and Andrea Hannah with artists Abby Bulmer, Amy Mebberson, Shauna J. Grant, and Abigail Starling.
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