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Knight Terrors Action Comics #1 & #2 2023

Knight Terrors Action Comics #1 & #2 2023

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(W) Leah Williams, Phillip Kennedy Johnson (A) Vasco Georgiev, Mico Suayan (CA) Rafa Sandoval

Slipping into the world of nightmares is only the beginning as Power Girl faces off with the scariest dream of all...herself! Paige may have narrowly escaped the grasp of the devious Johnny Sorrow, but all of that was just a warm-up for the real villain inside. Meanwhile, the Super-Twins are lost in a terrifying dreamscape and being hunted by a nightmare version of their own adopted father, the murderous Cyborg Superman. Can Superboy, Kong Kenan, and the Steel family find the twins in time to save them, or will they join his bloody list of victims?

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