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Harley Quinn and Power Girl TP

Harley Quinn and Power Girl TP

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(W) Amanda Conner & Various (A) Stéphane Roux & Various (CA) Amanda Conner
Spinning out of the hit series HARLEY QUINN, this six-issue miniseries tells the story-within-the-story of the unlikely super-duo's adventures in outer space!

Hey, remember the panel gutter between panels 3 and 4 of page 20 of HARLEY QUINN #12? What? You don't? It&;s only, like, the most memorable panel gutter of the twenty-first century! We&;ll jog your memory&;our heroes, Harley Quinn and Power Girl, were tossed through a teleportation ring, dropping them into galaxies unknown.

It&;s a cosmic adventure beyond your wildest imaginings: Power Girl and Harley Quinn, stranded in a forgotten dimension, on the homeworld of the amorous warlord Vartox! They;ll sacrifice anything they have to in order to get home&;except their dignity. Kidding! That&;ll be the first thing to go. 

HARLEY QUINN writers Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti are joined by artist Stephane Roux (BIRDS OF PREY) and writer Justin Gray (ALL-STAR WESTERN) for an unforgettable tale of friendship, romance and butt-kicking! Collects HARLEY QUINN AND POWER GIRL #1-6.
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