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Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Vol 9 GN 2004

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Vol 9 GN 2004

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Written by Wang Du Lu Art by Andy Seto

Release Date 12/1/2004

The city of Xin Jiang becomes an important military base due to its location when foreigners invade China. Under the order of the emperor, Sir Te leads the royal army to Xin Jiang to defend the city, retaining Li Mu Bai and Yu Shu Lien to work for the government, where they become famous for their kung fu abilities. But when the royal army is defeated several times by the foreign invaders, Jen Yu proposes a plan to her father, Governor Yu: She suggests summoning the bandit “Dark Cloud” Lo and demanding that he surrender and fight for the government! Jen Yu hopes that Lo can have a successful career by working for the government, and that they can be together...

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