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Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Vol 7 GN 2004

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Vol 7 GN 2004

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Written by Wang Du Lu Art by Andy Seto

Release Date 7/14/2004

Jen Yu and Dark Cloud Lo were made for each other, but due to a wide gap in status, they could not develop a romantic relationship. Jen Yu confides to Jade Fox, revealing her secret love. Hence, Jade Fox attempts to comfort Jen Yu, but at the same time tries to manipulate her. Li Mu Bai discovers that Long Gao has developed astonishing kung-fu skills based on the 'Book of Sacred Form.' Li seeks revenge, for the sake of his teacher Nan Chiang, by confronting Long Gao regarding the whereabouts of this book. Long Gao decides to fight Li Mu Bai alone in order to protect his beloved wife, Jade Fox, who is the real killer of Nan Jiang. So a battle between the two Kung Fu masters of Wudan is about to begin!

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