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Bad Geezer Mask

Bad Geezer Mask

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Zagone Studios Bad Geezer super soft latex moving-mouth mask. This neighborhood old mean man male character is always having a bad day. Great movement in a lightweight super soft latex mask and faux fur hair and mustache. Comfortable and breathable. Hand-poured, painted and assembled in the US. Copyright BYBY.

Zagone Studios design techniques rooted in American Halloween culture since 1974, including facial expressions and contours It is made very elaborately, even to the detail, and still holds up "Made in the USA." It is also made with emphasis on breathability, functionality, comfort and durability, and is highly recommended as a collectible item, not to mention for those who are looking for a real "masquerade."

This Halloween mask can be used comfortably and safely for a trick-or-treating costume, actor mask in theater plays, TV shows & movies, horror movie costume, haunted house masks, cosplay, advertising model costume, window displays, and costuming prop etc.

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