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Air Vol. 4: A History of the Future TP 2011

Air Vol. 4: A History of the Future TP 2011

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Author: G. Willow Wilson
Art: M.K. Perker
Published: 02/15/2011

Blythe, a young, acrophobic stewardess, discovers a strange, new reality beyond the ordinary world of air travel.
In this final AIR volume, Blythe returns to work to find a surprise: the Hyperwing 307, the sleekest and most advanced airship ever built. It will be hers to pilot – if she survives a series of baffling tests.

Then, on her way to a final confrontation with the Etesians, Blythe must untangle a mystery surrounding the disappearance of legendary aviator/author Antoine De Saint Exupery and discover the hidden meaning of a lost manuscript by Jules Verne.
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