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Afro Samurai Vol.1 (Graphic Novel) 2022

Afro Samurai Vol.1 (Graphic Novel) 2022

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Okazaki, Takashi (Author) , Okazaki, Takashi (Illustrator)

Pub Date: December 13, 2022

"In a feudal, futuristic Japan, samurai battle to become No.1 and rule the world, but when his father, who holds the coveted position, is challenged and killed, the young Afro Samurai vows vengeance. Relentlessly pursued by murderous assassins, will he stay alive long enough to keep his promise? In the first of two volumes, we see the beginnings of young Afro's quest, his battles with an array of assassins and warlords, that climaxes in the epic confrontation with the powerful Empty Seven Clan and a showdown with an old enemy..."--

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