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Thor Epic Collection: The Thor War TP 2022

Thor Epic Collection: The Thor War TP 2022

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by Tom DeFalco (Author, Contributor), Ron Frenz (Author, Cover Art, Artist, Contributor), Roy Thomas (Author, Contributor), Pat Olliffe (Illustrator, Artist), Herb Trimpe (Illustrator, Artist), Geof Isherwood (Illustrator, Artist) 

Collects Thor (1966) #437-450, Thor Annual (1966) #16-17.

Thor Corps unite! Eric Masterson is still settling into his role as the replacement Thor — and Hercules’ “training” isn’t much help. Will Eric be able to keep up when he joins forces with Beta Ray Bill and Dargo Ktor, the 26th-century Thunder God? Zarrko the Tomorrow Man may be more than even they can handle when he plucks a cadre of classic Thor villains out of the timestream to join him — including the scheming Loki! Meanwhile, Balder and Sif search for the real Odinson. When Dr. Donald Blake returns, could it be a clue? And why is Eric Masterson heading into Hell itself? Plus: Operation Galactic Storm takes Thor into space! Dargo meets the Guardians of the Galaxy! Thor battles Absorbing Man, Titania and…Spider-Man?! And the deadly debut of Bloodaxe!

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