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Rogues #2 (von 4) Cvr A Sam Wolfe Connelly (MR) 2022

Rogues #2 (von 4) Cvr A Sam Wolfe Connelly (MR) 2022

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by Joshua Williamson (Author), Sam Wolfe Connelly (Cover Art), LEOMACS (Penciller, Inker)

You might think you know Gorilla City, but you don’t. Not a soul who has gone looking for the secret kingdom has ever returned. You’d think the Rogues would know better than to go searching…but they either don’t know or just don’t care. The down-on-their-luck ex-cons are back together for the heist of a lifetime, but every time Captain Cold thinks he’s got things all figured out, the rug is pulled out from under him. And even if they make it to Gorilla City alive, they have a version of Gorilla Grodd unlike anything you’ve ever seen waiting for them…Continuing this groundbreaking neo-noir take on some of the DCU’s greatest villains!

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