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Rocket Raccoon Vol 2 Storytailer TP

Rocket Raccoon Vol 2 Storytailer TP

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by Skottie Young (Author, Cover Art), Filipe Andrade (Illustrator, Artist), Jake Parker (Artist) 

Collects Rocket Raccoon (2014) #7-11.

Rocket Raccoon — the meanest, toughest, wittiest and furriest Guardian of the Galaxy — blasts his way into our hearts with the series beloved by Marvel fans everywhere! Rocket continues his quest to try to fix his past…um, bad calls, but he just might cause a cosmic calamity on the dreaded Winter Planet! Then, what happens when you water Groot a little too much? GROOTZILLA! He’s faster than a speeding Rocket, more powerful than Drax the Destroyer, able to eat tall buildings in a single gulp — and he’s not happy! And Rocket’s skills will be put to the ultimate test as he challenges everything he’s known about himself. Does the Book of Half-World actually exist, or was it all a big hoax? Is Rocket really alone in the world? Find out once and for all, right here!


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