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Power Man und Iron Fist Epic Collection Revenge TP

Power Man und Iron Fist Epic Collection Revenge TP

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by Jo Duffy (Author, Contributor), Dennis O'Neil (Author, Contributor), Frank Miller (Author, Artist), Various (Author, Artist), Kerry Gammill (Illustrator, Artist), Denys Cowan (Illustrator, Cover Art, Artist), Keith Pollard (Illustrator, Artist), Frank Miller Jr. (Contributor)

Collects Power Man and Iron Fist #71-72, 74-89; Daredevil (1964) #178.

Payback time! But for the Heroes for Hire, vengeance cuts both ways. When the killing machine known as Warhawk beats Danny to a pulp, Luke will take his pound of flesh in return. But he's not the only one out to settle a score. The terrifying tag-team of Sabretooth and Constrictor are old foes out for blood — and to get the message across, they target Power Man and Iron Fist's friends! And they're not Luke and Danny's only headache, as the heroes must take on the malignant Mole Man and the mountain-climbing Montenegro! Then there's one of their strangest gigs: finding the missing vigilante Moon Knight! But when the heroes are hired to protect the lawyers Nelson and Murdock, will their biggest problem be Daredevil?

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