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Flash 10: Force Quest TP

Flash 10: Force Quest TP

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by Joshua Williamson (Author), Rafa Sandoval (Illustrator)

The Flash goes on a Force Quest! After the events of Flash War and the destructive nature of the new Strength, Sage and Still Forces, Barry Allen has lost a step and needs to find a way to be the fastest man alive again.


The Flash is a man with a mission. With Iris at his side, he's traveling the world to learn the secrets of not just the Speed Force, but those of the Still, Sage and Strength Forces that have been unleashed on the Multiverse. But without his full powers, it's a journey that pushes him past his limits in 
The Flash Vol. 10: Force Quest!

Her memories of her past restored, Iris has joined Barry on a globe-trotting adventure that introduces the newest avatars of the other Forces, like Corto Maltese's super-strong heroine Fuerza, and the Sage Force's Psych, whose true motivations are a mystery! But someone else is seeking the same information as Barry and they don't care who gets hurt along the way! And then there's Gemini, the treasure-hunting duo who are stalking the Flash for their own purposes!

Writer Joshua Williamson (
Justice League vs. Suicide Squad) and artists Rafa Sandoval (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps) and Christian Duce (Detective Comics) expand the world of the Flash in The Flash Vol. 10: Force Quest, collecting The Flash issues #58-63.

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